Jahwar Sircar

Jawhar Sircar


Jawhar Sircar (22 March 1952) is a public intellectual and retired civil servant based out of Kolkata.

Sircar is currently the chairman of the board of governors of the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata, a premier research and teaching institute set up in 1973. He has been on the governing bodies and trusts of numerous national-level cultural institution of India, including the National Library and the National Archives and also associates with several universities and academic bodies.

Jawhar Sircar was a civil servant with 42 years experience, and last served as Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan & All India Radio)

Before this, he was Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India from late 2008 to February 2012, where he reported directly to the Prime Minister for most of his tenure. He resigned, to take over his current position, for which he was chosen by an eminent panel led by the Vice President of India and Supreme Court Judge. As Culture Secretary, he initiated long-pending reforms and took up the modernization of museums, archives, and libraries for which he was awarded the British Museum Medal.

As CEO, Prasar Bharati, he supervised India's public service broadcaster, which is among the largest such networks in the world and cover well over a billion people, through 483 stations of All India Radio (AIR) & Doordarshan (TV). As a large orthodox organization of government servants, it is difficult to modernize, but Sircar has been able to break new grounds and introduce digital technologies and cut down obsolescence. He has received three Awards for this in three years. He has been elected as Vice President of the world's largest Public TV and Radio organization the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union, on which 67 nations are represented.

He has been active in research even while working full-time in administration. He has published numerous articles on cultural, historical and anthropological subjects for several years. He has published research papers on the subjects of history, culture, media & society.

He has also delivered talks on the subjects of history, culture and media. His monograph: The Construction of the Hindu Identity in Medieval Western Bengal: The Role of Popular Cults was well received in India and abroad.

His writings are both available in Bangla as well as English newspapers.